Month: October 2014

Breaking Ties from the Dollar Will provide Long Term Value for Bitcoin

bitcoin-value-featuredBitcoin is potentially a passing fad or the world’s greatest economic reinvention. There are opinions out there on each side of this big argument, and only time will tell where Bitcoin will lie on the total echelon of economic growth, stability, and its pursuit towards globalization. So what are these two sides arguing in detail? Truthfully, they both have their merits, but the side most intriguing here is the health of Bitcoin. What is its potential and what must it do to carve that path? Continue reading

The growing Support of Bitcoin as a Valued and Faithful Currency

currency-goldBitcoin is potentially chaotic as well as brilliant. Its future is questionable. There are all sorts of obstacles facing the famous cryptocurrency that a mainstream break for the long term is difficult to see. But there are many people fighting for Bitcoin’s embrace because they believe it can reinvent the way in which people see money, and potentially save the economy forever. The below considerations take a good hard look at what is blocking Bitcoin now, and what that means for its success both in the coming months and in the next decade. Continue reading