Month: August 2016

What Could You Buy With 1 Bitcoin?

At the moment, 1 Bitcoin is worth £812. While it is possible for this figure to fluctuate all of the time, and so this list may change slightly, it’s set to be level at around £800-£900 for the next few months or so. With this in mind, let’s have a look at what can you purchase with 1 Bitcoin.


Invest in precious metals

With one Bitcoin you may choose to invest your money rather than splashing it on something materialistic that you may get bored of eventually. Investing in a precious metal such as silver or gold is a popular option and one that many Bitcoin users choose to do. This can make you a lot more money in the long run, so there is a good return on this purchase. One Bitcoin won’t buy you much in terms of quantity, but it will buy you enough to get you started!


Buy Shares

For one Bitcoin you might choose to purchase some shares in a company! This is a great idea that is guaranteed to make you some additional money at a very low level of risk. Some of the cheapest shares you can purchase are with the popular tech company, CeX, who also happen to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment in their online store! However, there are plenty of other different shares on the market you could buy. Again, this is an option that would create a long-term investment for you. Have a look at which stocks are doing particularly well and see where you’d like to invest your Bitcoin!


More Bitcoins

It can be so hard to come across Bitcoins, regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase them yourself or mine them from home. A simple way to earn yourself more Bitcoins for ‘free’ is via gambling. You might choose to spend one Bitcoin in a casino, trying to make even more coins from your one coin. This is a risky purchase of course, as there is no guarantee that you’ll win anything back, but it can provide you with hours of fun if you’re into gambling, and if you do make a big win then that’s a bonus for you!


Bitcoin mining

If gambling is a little too risky of a decision for you, you could choose to invest one Bitcoin into mining more Bitcoins from home. It’s not necessarily as fun as gambling to generate more Bitcoins, but it is a less risky way to ensure you actually do get more Bitcoins in your wallet without losing any of the coins you already have. It’s time-consuming and requires a little bit of knowledge and skill prior to starting, but if it works, it’s an easy way to spend one Bitcoin to make more!