Online Casino Makes Bold and Innovative Decision to Accept Bitcoin

Vera John was not necessarily leading the pack in online gambling, but this latest decision has turned some heads. Vera John has agreed to accept Bitcoin as a legal means for gambling. Interestingly, the web casino has not created an exclusive area for Bitcoin play. Players using Bitcoin can play in any of the pre-existing games on the website, a major difference between the restricted and constrained formats for other Bitcoin gambling websites.

This notorious digital currency has not always had the most traditional rise to popularity. A surge in users has pushed a single Bitcoin to be valued in excess of 2,000 euros. $17.8 in Bitcoin in 2009 is now worth about $600,000. A single coin now is worth about 700 euros, a number that has remained rather stable single July of 2014. Regardless, this astronomical growth experience from 2009 to now is both perplexing and scary. If it goes up so fast, could it not fall just as hard? There are certain safeguards added to lessen the chance of this situation occurring. For example, the number of Bitcoin in the system will eventually cap out alleviating as much concern for hyperinflation. It is estimated to cap out in 2017.

Vera John is making an innovative decision in accepting the notorious digital currency. It will almost certainly bring them a rise in userbase. The sensational aspects of Bitcoin aside, Vera John seems to display an understanding of Bitcoin’s long term future- turning from a web craze to a fully fleshed out global currency.