Unusual Places You Can Spend Bitcoin

Once you’ve worked hard enough to make yourself a substantial amount of Bitcoins, you’re going to want to spend them on something exciting! Here are some of the most unusual and interesting places you can choose to spend your Bitcoins.


On a trip to space

That’s right when Virgin Galactic start launching people into space at the very high cost of £250,000; you will be able to make this payment with Bitcoins! The £250,000 price tag is equal to around 390 Bitcoins, and with trips still happening a little way ahead in the future, you’ve got plenty of time to start making and saving those Bitcoins!



If you want to try and make even more Bitcoins from the coins you already have stashed in your wallet, why not take them to an online casino? You can place bets in Bitcoins at nearly all online casinos, and there are places like Vera and John casino which are considering introducing bitcoin payments in the future. There are even particular Bitcoin casinos you can use too. Play with your coins, and if you get a big win, you could earn even more! This is also a risky investment because you could always lose them too…but that’s the chance you have to take!


Survival Kits

If you want to prepare yourself for the end of the world, a zombie apocalypse or similar, then why not spend your Bitcoin on items that will make up a one of a kind survival kit from Survival Foods. The kits are stocked with 72 hours worth of emergency foods, and you can make up your own kits with foods of your choice too- then pay for it all in Bitcoins!



Fancy something sweet? Do you happen to be in San Francisco? Well, then you’re in luck! Cups and Cupcakes is a bakery in San Francisco that deliver cupcakes to you, wherever you are in San Fran! All of the cupcakes are made fresh on the day, and all of them can be paid for in Bitcoins.


Online Dating

In an attempt to find your soulmate, you might find yourself signing up to online dating! Why not kill two birds with one stone and use your Bitcoin to pay for an online dating subscription? The online dating site OKCupid allows its members to sign up and pay using the cryptocurrency so you can use your coins and search for true love simultaneously!